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8Lyfe Laws=UniversaLaws that allow joyous living...



The Law of Attraction

  1. Did you know that EVERYTHING in your life right now...YOU placed it there? The House. The car. The job. The relationship (Good or Bad). The pain. The joy. The money (or lack thereof). Yep. its ALL Ur if you do NOT enjoy what U have created. I invite U 2 Change...U attract what you THINK about …If u do not like what U see ...drop me a note, I can support U in Change or refer U to one who can.....

The Law of Potentiality

The Law of Potentiality=U can have anything ....BE anything....& DO ANYTHING U Want.

U just have 2 Believe!!!

Local Business Partners


The Law of Intent- your objective will flow effortlessly & without stress... only IF it is for the Good of ALL! We walk unaware of this edict so we plan for things that only suit US-& then we are guffawed when things blow up in our beautyfull faces.


The Law of Karma= 

Cause & Effect….every action has a REaction.NONJUDGEMENT.beaware of your actions as they bring forth on both the energetic AND physical planes. There is NO Good or Bad…it just IS


The law of Least Effort=

We are erroneously taught that "life is difficult and we have do what is Hard" and so we LOOK 4 struggle...this is false and leads to exhaustion both mental and physical.  When in Real-ality we should always expect effortless evolving of all the things we desire. If and when a thing we desire isn't coming swiftly or easily, that is a sign that something is out of whack. Either we are not TRULY believing we can have it, or it is not within DIVINE timing & if That is the case...just apply the next law. Sit back refocus-drop it...and move the hell on!

The Law of Detachment

if U desire something…put it out there then Fageddaboutit…. 

This does not ONLY apply 2 people but also...Goals...Places....Things...

If U have 100 pairs of shoes but many of them are over 5 years old...that does not make you a makes U a HOARDER ...somebody had 2 tell U...

The Law of Giving & Receiving=

In our modern miseducation we are taught that it is BETTER to give than recieve, but this is straight rubbish!  If you are always in a state of giving U R actively BLOCKING someone else's opportunity to Give & thus negative outcomes will result.   Simply put...always do BOTH

The Universal Laws= There are some OmniVersal Laws that we have been culturized to believe in but actually do not exist, so when we try to enact them only haphazard emotions and results ensue. here are some of them: 1. there is no such thing as good or bad -everything that happens on this planet is maintained by Gaia, & moves towards Balance. So even if U think it is bad, a Great result may be revealed. Conversely just because a thing is good for YOU doesn't mean it is positive for the entire community, because ultimately there is no such thing as "good" or "bad". 2. There is no such thing as Gratis or free. Everything has a co$t. I know many of us come from communities where we THINK a "friend" is supposed to give us stuff for Free...But what we NEED 2 do is start OFFERING 2 pay for everything! Why U ask? Let Lov3zone break it down 4 U like this...well...firstly if U want 2 attaract ABUNDANCE U can never have your mind set on lack. When U ask for freebies what U R telling the OmniVerse is that U cannot afford 2 pay, so U get more of "I can't afford 2 pay" experiences. Money is like has a flow....and it can and Does change directions often to ensure balance. Reason #2 is this...nothing that U want or have in your possession is free. The food you ate cost a cow or a tomatoe its LIFE. The shoes and belt and gucci handbag costs a beautyfull baby lamb his winter coat! All for U to stomp around in UGGS all day (Lord forgive me)! Nowehere on the planet can we create energy we only transform stop begging & expecting a handout. stop holding onto YOUR cash ad asking someone else to sacrifice for you to get what YOU want....its petty...brokeminded...and really a Bad OFFER 2 pay for everything, even if its at a discout, you will see your work rewarded in ways that U never knew. Thank me later. 3. There is no such things a Equal. Just Balance. Show me equal and I will give U 1 million dollars that I do not have. So Lov3zone teaches that you should never fight for anything ESpecially things that do not exist as it wastes e(2). Just slowly gravitate to balance in ALL areas in life. and U will see wrinkles disappear off your body. 4. There is no such thing as Death. Just transformation. Do U weep when the leave transform & fall off the trees? Do U weep when the summer sun disappears 2 make way 4 winter nights? Thats because intrinsically U INNERstand that change is cyclic & imminent 7 U bend towards it. So don't cry 4 me argentina! Or any other loved entity that transforms, simply honor the gift they gave then call on them Spiritually 2 assist in bringing their brand of Joy 2 U when U need it. Ase-O. 5. There is no such thing as Fair. Just Function. Let me explain. There is no where in nature that U can find this thing called FAIR. Is it fair that someone is born blind, while others see? Is it fair that one child starves while another throws food in the trash? Where is fairness when one group of people are oppressed while others live in priviledge? U see my point. Do not seek something that does not exist on the spiritual plain. It squanders vital e(2) that can be used elsewhere in your creation we call LIFE.

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